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St. Paul, Mn., USA

DESKTOP CUSTOMIZATION, WALLRENDERS,LOGONS FOR VISTA WIN7 & XP, ICONS.CONSTRUCTION, REMODELING, MECHANICS, BUILT PARTS 4 SPACE SHUTTLE,PLANES, JETS, HELICOPTERS, OIL FIELD,CONVEYORS, STATUES, PLAQUES, LAMPS, MASKS 4 THE MOVIES, MASTER MOLDS PROD. MOLDS, FOOTBALL, TRACK, KUNG FU ,GUITAR. I enjoy doing collaborative composistions bringing Portrait style artwork onto the desktop as it helps me learn more about creating my own & helps learn new skills. I am pretty much self taught. I always ask for permissions & always give credit. And yes I do do my own stuff, but I really like to help spread exposure to others artwork & meet new artists.So when viewing some of my work always remember if there is another artist involved to remember them when commenting. They are our inspiration to do more & better! Since there are only 3MB uploads I have provided link(s) to the Logon & wallpaper downloads @ my Wincustomize gallery site or an alternate if necessary. All Logons & wallpaks are free! Anyone wanting a custom logon or is open to having their artwork made into a logon can make a request by PM. This is a great way to create traffic so others can see your artwork, & helps me learn more & meet great artists! Give me some time to respond as I am pretty busy but I will get back to you! Spread the Art!