Droug Broodwitch Nouveau: Decayed by Steevin

Droug Broodwitch Nouveau: Decayed

by Steevin in Fan Art

The Secret World is one of the coolest MMOs I've ever played, taking a whole different direction in terms of style, game-play, and even has a really unique leveling system. But on top of that, the creatures you face are one of a kind, launching you right into the game at the start are the Draug, a type of monster that has dragged itself from the murky depths of the sea onto shore to infect and incubate anything living or undead. I decided to make a shirt design representing this brand of creature. Emulating the popular Mucha Inspired designs you see a lot of today, I put my own macabre twist on it. With the Droug Broodwitch in her gruesome forefront, included subtly in the panels behind her are (from left to right) the Warmonger, Draug Lord, the Draug Lord Puppy, and the Ur-Draug.

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