The Interview by StamatisGr

The Interview

by StamatisGr in PhotoJournalism

Reporters from an internet news site (don’t expect to see the real news in TV) are interviewing people demonstrating their opposition to the State’s attitude.
The sign says:
"No to inactivity
No to ridicule
Yes to action
Yes to resistance"

Recently Athens has been shaken by a series of violent incidents which all have their roots to austerity measures, immigration problems, and disintegration of society bonds.

Immigrants attacked and killed by knives a 44 years old father in order to steal his video camera. The victim was attacked as he was about to drive his wife to the hospital so she should give birth to their 3d child. He was carrying a video camera in order to record his new baby girl. Nazis, fascists, extreme-right wings along with citizens of the area, marched beating every immigrant they found on ther way.

A demonstrator and amateur street photographer was beaten by Riot Police almost to death. Still in intensive care, unconsious, fighting for his life. His crime: He was carrying a camera.

Anarchists(?) with covered faces throw molotovs to a police station at Exarchia. Result: 3 citizens injured, one fighting for his life in intensive care. No one was arrested.

The list of violence grows and grows and the State is absent or useless.

A peacefull gathering against violence was organized through Facebook and various blogs, yesterday (15th of May) at Syntagma Square. Citizens with no political parties labels, met together to express their worries and Show their Faces to Violence.

Part of my new Wordpress Blog update :
We show our faces to VIolence
which includes 19 new images, street and PJ

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