white rabbit of alice in never never land by Soulspline

white rabbit of alice in never never land

by Soulspline in Alice in Never Never Land

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Another installment of Alice in never never land - The white rabbit

the version i did for this is not your ordinary white rabbit, i kinda combined humanoid features to the rabbit and some tweaking in the face making it more....um.... kinda... dreamlike ...the ones you see in your dreams

from lewis carroll - In his article "Alice on the Stage," Carroll wrote "And the White Rabbit, what of him? Was he framed on the "Alice" lines, or meant as a contrast? As a contrast, distinctly. For her 'youth,' 'audacity,' 'vigour,' and 'swift directness of purpose,' read 'elderly,' 'timid,' 'feeble,' and 'nervously shilly-shallying,' and you will get something of what I meant him to be. I think the White Rabbit should wear spectacles. I'm sure his voice should quaver, and his knees quiver, and his whole air suggest a total inability to say 'Boo' to a goose!"[1]
Overall, the White Rabbit seems to shift back and forth between pompous behavior toward his underlings, such as his servants, and grovelling, obsequious behavior toward his superiors, such as the Duchess and King and Queen of Hearts, in direct contrast to Alice, who is reasonably polite to everyone she meets.

done in ps cs5 // painter 12

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