efflorescent lamina by Soulspline

efflorescent lamina

by Soulspline in Digital painting

efflorescent lamina
Done in PSCS6

you can also see the video teaser here - https://vimeo.com/50224752

"The classic style of French Romanticism is rediscovered for the digital age in this full-length painting demo and tutorial, set to the music that inspired the strokes on the artwork itself.

efflorescent lamina for our " spectacle Issue 2 DVD "

full length video spectacle of a painting (its a video capture of an entire painting session - NO speed tricks JUST PURE ON THE SPOT session)
the DVD would have 2 versions (standard version - about an hour of video tutorial) (and the whole uncut version 8+hours of session)
the dvd might include (though TBD)
brushes (pm me for request of brushes you want me to brew! )
pdf steps
video commentary
Painting by: Harvey N. Bunda

efflorescent lamina - poem ( by Harvey Bunda and Marthy Angue )
Flying, I could never reach you-
A bird untouched beyond the highest green,
how you moved and how you glittered,
but you could never see what I see,
no bright sky below your canopy,
cherry beak a ruby mask
obscured by blue and green damask,
You could never see but all the same,
Little feet run, alarmed by your presence
And I, who could not touch you,
content in my efflorescence.

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