de l'oiseau éternel by Soulspline

de l'oiseau éternel

by Soulspline in Digital painting

de l'oiseau éternel

done in PSCS6 and Painter 12

i was inspired by the:
The death of Icarus is told in the following lines by Erasmus Darwin (grandfather of Charles):

"...with melting wax and loosened strings
Sunk hapless Icarus on unfaithful wings;
Headlong he rushed through the affrighted air,
With limbs distorted and dishevelled hair;
His scattered plumage danced upon the wave,
And sorrowing Nereids decked his watery grave;
O'er his pale corse their pearly sea-flowers shed,
And strewed with crimson moss his marble bed;
Struck in their coral towers the passing bell,
And wide in ocean tolled his echoing knell."

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