get ript wallpaper by SkiLLzv2

get ript wallpaper

by SkiLLzv2 in Recent Work

I made this logo to wow the client and he loved it. Things didnt work, and the logo was never used. Hope you enjoy

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  • HellOnAStick


    I like this piece, but the letters 'get' in relation to the stark perfective realism of the piping and background seem a bit cartoony and the perceptual shift that occurs kind of forces it off the 'canvas' and takes away from the awesome background image.

    Feb 18th, 2011 Reply
  • Impulsefire911


    i reaaaly like this idk why tho lol. something bout the piping

    Feb 3rd, 2011 Reply
  • Rinn


    this looks really cool. My only crit would be that the background is a little busy, so my eyes don't fully focus on the logo. The logo itself is very cool. nice job

    Feb 3rd, 2011 Reply
  • dehk


    Sad that it didn't work out, it looks great.

    Feb 3rd, 2011 Reply
  • SkiLLzv2


    lol, i do have a version of it with just a gradient in the background because i thought the same thing.. the company is 'get ript' and landino is my last name

    Feb 3rd, 2011 Reply
  • 7Shadows


    Very creative and well-executed. The background could be a little more subtle and I think the drop shadow could be better on the a/c-looking machine. The "landing" doesn't really fit. I love the "get" typo there. Well-done! Your best work so far!

    Feb 3rd, 2011 Reply