Graphic Artist •

Louisville, USA

.::Am i Dramatic enough for you::.

-)I am....
-An ameture anime artist
-A member of the BVB_Army and MCRmy♥
-A sister
-A writer

-) Im not afraid of the dark
Im afraid of what's in it.
-) Dylan, I Just like you..When i look at you my brain goes all stoopid! I just wanna Hug you and sit on the couch and play Beemo~♥
-) Hello, I'm the happiness FAIRY. I've sprinkled HAPPY DUST on you. Now smile damnit, this shit's EXPESIVE.
-) My Killjoy Name: Gasoline Fire
Call them satanic.
Call them emo.
Call them gay faggots.
Call them anything you want.
Try to take them away from me.
Try to make me leave them.
But nothing can make me.
You know how in the beginning Andy says "Thank you BVB army!" ?
Yeah. I'm included in that. I'm in the army, I'm proud to say it, and I'm never gonna leave.

"I prepare for the noble war. I'm calm; I know the secret. I know what's coming, and I know no one can stop me, including myself. I kill people I like. Some of them beg for their life. I don't feel sad. I don't feel anything. It's a filthy world we live in. It's a filthy goddamn helpless world, and honestly, I feel like I am helping to take them away from the shit and the piss and the vomit that run through the street. I am helping to take them somewhere clean and kind. The world is a filthy place; It's a filthy goddamn horror show" -Tate Langdon