GorgolVictory by Sixus1


by Sixus1 in Trollz

At last, the wild chase the boar had lead Drog and Egen on had come to it's end, the two bull orkz crashing down on the wounded animal with all their weight. Being sent to hunt down something that might provide ample rations for their squad of Grella's massive warband wasn't the most celebrated orders they could have recieved, but the two didn't mind. The time away from camp was welcome after the trip across the water and the long march up to the edge of the Grenlow Vale. Drog hoisted the huge boar up over a shoulder, and gave Egen a friendly punch to the arm as they began their walk back to camp.
Caught up in the excitement of the hunt, however, the two did not notice that from the rough rock mounds at the edge of the patch of forest where they had been hunting, they were being watched.
Limbs from the nearby trees cracked loudly as a huge boulder crashed down beside them. The boar dropped from Drog's shoulder as he broke into a run, the deafening bellow that come from behind them telling him all he needed to know.
Egen stood, dumbfounded and terrified as Drog grabbed at his shirt to hurry him along, all the while screaming, "Trollz!"

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