CheifGorgolPortrait by Sixus1


by Sixus1 in Trollz

The stone ended weapon of the huge beast swung horizontally at the two orkz as he bounded after them, splintering nearby trees. His roar echoed off the nearby mountainside. The ground beneath the ork's feet trembled as the massive troll ran toward them.
"Ru... uh... " Drog's words were cut short as the back of the huge troll's hand sent him sailing down the path he and Egen had come up, crashing hard into a large old tree. Drog fell to the ground a breathless, bruised heap.
"Trrrrrolllz 'ere!", the massive beast bellowed. "This be Gorgol's pass!"
Egen's eyes grew wide. Sumbling slightly, he slowly backed away, but the huge troll kept pace with him, bending down to look into his face at eye level.
"Orkz," Gorgol said in a low, rumble of a voice, "... bad."

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