Bad Boys by Silvolf

Bad Boys

by Silvolf in Fanart

I did this with my friend Lisandra99 in mind.
Terumi and Kurtz together; our two bad boys! She drew me a cool pic of Kurtz and that was awesome cos nearly NO ONE except one other person has ever drawn him...or at least on the net. He has NO fans or fanart really at all and that makes me sad.
But anyway yeah, Terumi from Blazblue and Kurtz from Freefonix. Don't they have festive hair? I'm also getting better at drawing people every time I do a pic it seems. I like how I drew these guys. I was gunna draw something in Terumi's hand but I didn't know what since it was going to be an energy ball but I dunno if he makes those lol! So it's empty.
The background was meant to be one big swirl...that idea kinda died lol!

Last pic of 2011!!

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