Hidden Beauty by SilentDeath

Hidden Beauty

by SilentDeath in Pencil drawings

A drawing from last year. I drew this from the amazing reference http://katanaz-stock.deviantart.com/art/Female-Stock-3-67123026?q=&qo= done by Katanazstock http://katanaz-stock.deviantart.com/
I drew it also for doing a better hair tutorial which will come soon.

Btw here can you see me how i drew her hair: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2RTSgZVBzP4

And the hait tutorial: http://shadowness.com/SilentDeath/hair-tutorial

Here are the stats for you:
Time: approx. 25 hrs.
Size is A3. It´s my usual hahnemühle Nostalgie sketchpaper with 190 gsm.

Entirely graphite. Sketched with an 3H and also added some basic shadings with the same pencil. Also used mechanical pencils. 0,9mm HB, 0,7mm HB and 2B, 0,5mm 2B and 0,3mm B.

Thanks for viewing. Allan

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