AYA UETO by SilentDeath


by SilentDeath in Pencil drawings

This is the Japanese singer Aya Ueto. This was the first time I drew an asian girl. The hair was the most difficult part on this piece but it turned out great and (in my opinion) it´s still my best drawn hair.

Tools I used:
Hahnemühle A3 sketchpaper
0,3mm B and HB and also 0,7mm B and 2B mechanical pencils!
3H, B and a bit 2B normal pencils!
Tissue, brushes and q-tips for some blending!
Sharpened erasers for some fine highlights!
A printed reference!

Here is the Tutorial based on this drawing: http://shadowness.com/SilentDeath/general-tut-for-drawings


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