Princess Miyuki Laxa colored pencil by SilentDark

Princess Miyuki Laxa colored pencil

by SilentDark in sketch

Princess Miyuki Laxa colored pencil

-I love cosplaying
-I love meeting new people (esp. those who shares the same interests as mine)
- i love to bike (i find peace in biking)
- i love to eat a lot!! yeyy
- whenever i have free time I draw manga

I belong to the weird ones; I’m not ashamed of it. I love to fool around and I don’t hide my personality, I’m childish, moody and boyish (so what? i don’t care with what other people say! because I am me, at least i had fun XD)

I love to have friends more than having a love life

I am not one of those “geniuses and masters" in art, but I’m willing to show and share (or even teach you) the little things I know in drawing, I’m very glad to be of help to you

-mammals esp. dogs and cats
- friends
- Good people!
-otakus (the decent ones)
- manga

-haters of course (you just know my name, not what i am)
-those who bully
-those who don’t respect animals (die!)
-insects (except butterfly)

- God
-My family
- Friends and supporter

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