The Musicians by SiSero

The Musicians

by SiSero in Markers

"Sacred" Vol. 1-2 AVAILABLE on BARNES & NOBLE.COM & Stores!!

Hello my dears! You know when you're completely taken by an idea in your head and while you're drawing you get so lost in it that you lose track of time? OMG...that was my experience with this piece ^//U//^ Pure, unmistakable BLISS! The violiiiin and cellooo *cries* I adored drawing them! Took me hours to do. At least 4 sexy hours LMAO XD I started drawing this on July 4th and have been working on this, commissions and vol.3 ever since XD This piece is featuring Skylar and a young lady who (for anyone who read vol.3's description in vol.2) will be introduced in Sacred's next installment! ^ o ^ HAPPINESS!! And yes, his wings are upside down XD

hope you'll enjoy this piece, guys *hugs*
Take care and God bless

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