PROBLEM? by Sheridan-j


by Sheridan-j in Portraits

(Michael Madsen)

Original ref (for the face):
The rest is pretty freestyled.

Used this wallpaper for the broken glass overlay:

Photoshop CS5
Airbrush, Dodge/Burn tool for detail and Sharpen/Blur tool for finishing touches!
Also with the help of Photoshop Skin texture brushes! Crucial tool for something like this!

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  • waterfall24


    very nice job

    Sep 7th, 2011 Reply Nicolene Lorette Design
  • angraphics
  • GraphicDude


    Incredible work! the amount of detail is just amazing!

    Aug 31st, 2011 Reply
  • booleannangel


    What a creative concept, and so well realized! Psychologically captivating,. It is so sad to see an amazing actor self-destructing .Fame is more of a curse, than a blessing. By the way, the splintering glass is a very good allegory of that self-destruction.

    Aug 31st, 2011 Reply
    • Sheridan-j


      Thanks :) This was mostly intended as an in-character piece to the characters he seems to play most of the time, but I can see the connection you made. He did fly under the radar there, but he seems to have gotten his act together over the last couple of years and is back acting/writing :)

      Sep 1st, 2011 Reply
    • booleannangel


      Yes, this is very true too. He reminds me of Mickey Spillane's character "Mike Hammer" in some ways. By the way, my pleasure!

      Sep 1st, 2011 Reply