Norman Osborn/Green Goblin - Robert Cuccioli - by Sheridan-j

Norman Osborn/Green Goblin - Robert Cuccioli -

by Sheridan-j in Portraits

Lighting fun!!!

Robert Cuccioli as Norman Osborn from the Broadway show "Spiderman: Turn Off The Dark".

He had only been performing in the show for about 2 weeks when I saw it, and he was certainly the stand-out performer of the night.

I had this one planned out for a couple of weeks but never got around to starting it because I realized I had pretty much -no- visual information of him in this role. No photos, no video. And my memory is getting hazy haha..

Then I thought: Screw it, I'll just wing it and hope I get him looking right in costume. I also had a hell of a time getting his hair looking right....

And then some photos came up on some of the Official sites. Turns out I was WAY off on the hair to start with....but all is good now lol.

Photoshop CS5
20+ hours.
Airbrush + Texture brushes.
Dodge/Burn and Sharpen/Blur for finishing touches!

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