Ben Lewis - The Phantom by Sheridan-j

Ben Lewis - The Phantom

by Sheridan-j in Portraits

Referenced off this masterpiece of a photograph of Ben Lewis:

Unfortunately at that resolution too, I would normally stay away from such a tiny photo (can't see much detail)...but It HAD to be done! I just love how it captures exactly how he portrayed the Phantom in LND. Very dark indeed :D

Anyway; our very own Aussie Ben Lewis as The Phantom of the Opera, (or should I say, The Phantom of Coney Island) from our Melbourne-grown production of "Love Never Dies"

Photoshop CS5
This was done insanely quick in about 5 hours- just something I had to get off my chest!
Airbrush, Dodge/Burn tool for detail and Sharpen/Blur tool for finishing touches!
Also with the help of Photoshop Skin texture brushes!

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