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White Salmon, Washington

United States

Hi everyone my name is Shawna Walker im 24. I lived in California for most my life when i was a lil girl But i now live in Underwood Washington i have lived On the Washington and Oregon side of the Columbia Gorge i had a bad childhood when i was growing up But thats what made me who i am today.I saw that photography helped me show the way i felt and made me forget all the bad stuff that has and was going on in my life; somethings just never go away. I like how photography helps me show people what i think is beautiful threw my eyes. I got in to photography when i was 14 years old. i haven’t taken any college class but have been thinking about it. my friends and family say i have a good eye for photography which is really nice to know they have my back. I like taking photos of the outdoors, meaning animals, plants, sky, water, people ect. So yeah i love taking photos in natural lighting. I hope everyone likes my photos enjoy.
I don't steal other peoples work thats just wrong everything you see on my gallery i took with my own Hands.

Please look threw my Gallery and comment whatever u like


The Camera I Use Is A
Model:EOS Rebel T3i