SINBAD : the last battle by Shady

SINBAD : the last battle

by Shady in digital painting

Title : Sinbad : the last battle

Name : Brahim Azizi

Country : morocco / tangier

Software : Photoshop


I have been working on the concept development for the last month. it took me too much time and work, now I can finally share it with you.

I like the stories of Sinbad, whene i was a kid, now i thought about making my own story he is A great adventurer . - video games gave me a lot of inspiration to create this work. The main character Sinbad is about to fight with the one eye beast. My concept is a pause action image of the last shot of the fight showing Sinbad is just jumped up with his sword and Trying to hit his opponent and eliminate him .

Hope you enjoy the image

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