1 by SendalJepret

On Monday Pahing Tuesday night in the Big Pon (Dzullijah) yesterday or Monday 28-05-2012 in Jepara district, particularly the annual district tegalsambi village, Jepara perform traditional torch-oboran upaca. Upaca at the torch of traditional uses rolls of coconut leaf midrib that is dry or the Java menyebutya klaras. The torch that is so then in turn by the village elders to signify the start of tegalsambi traditional upaca-oboran torch, the torch is used to attack each other resulting in a tool-spark glowing fire masyarak jepara often call it by the torch of war. Traditional torch-oboran Upaca is done for charity earth tegalsambi community as an expression of gratitude to Almighty God for an abundance of Grace, Guidance and taufikNya. This traditional ceremony is usually followed by a party puppet show and folk music dangdut

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