artist/writer •

Interests: noir humor, subversive mythology
Favourite artists: bosch, beardsley, dali, ernst, klinger, giger
Favorite writers: chandler, van de wettering, borges, angela carter
Tools of the Trade: photoshop, brushpen, barbie 3D, ms word

Selene dePackh working as Prodiga diNero.
Artworks, writing and other crimes. Noir digitalis by a classically trained artist in the European Academic tradition.

Unapologetically high-functioning autistic. Both hemispheres of brain activated early. Enjoys using skills as an artist/writer in the fabrication of exquisitely refined subversion that re-tools a foundation of primordial myth.

Born Washington, D.C. 1957
First instruction from grandfather, a product of the Royal Academy of London Schools of Art.
Father- nuclear physicist
Mother- artist/musician
Recently part of “Seno Guerriero,” Images of Amazons, Galleria d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, Commune di Bondeno, Ferrara.