Until Gwen by SeanCruz

Until Gwen

by SeanCruz in School Assignments

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  • gershonv


    This is a very nice drawing. I wonder what's the story behind this illustration. Can you tell me please. Hehe
    Thank you. ^^

    Jun 24th, 2011 Reply
    • SeanCruz


      It was written by Dennis Lehane. It's about a man who was bailed out of prison by his father who bailed him out of ulterior motives; he wanted the diamond. Before the son was jailed, he and his girlfriend, Gwen were trying to steal this large diamond from this guy, and the son was hit by a bullet and caught. Gwen, however escaped only to be captured by her boyfriend's father who wanted the diamond to sell it and be rich. He raped her and killed her to get it but never found it. He buried her in a park. When he bailed out his son after a couple of years, his son threatened his father to dig up the grave and when the father saw the diamond (it's not specific as to what he actually saw, it could have been a child or diamond) the son hit him hard across the head with the shovel.

      Jun 26th, 2011 Reply
    • gershonv


      Wow that's a very interesting story. Thank you very much for sharing Sean. ^^

      Jun 27th, 2011 Reply