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, Greece

I'm Sotiris, or Scott, living and born in Greece 1986...
Since a little kid I was always on the creative stuff such as: Grafitys on walls, Paintings - Graphics, Skateboarding Break Dancing and lots lots of Music making!

I've finished studying Sound Engineering and Music technology along with Computer Technology etc
Graphics was always a part of my life and recently I got more professionaly into the "business" if you like to call it!

In the last 7 years of my life I only create Music and Graphics
I dont eat, dont drink nothing I just do graphics and music sitting on my studio....
hehe... ok

Most of my works are on deviantART:

And also some stuff from motion graphics - visual fx videos

Currently doing Freelance stuff like whatever you imagine:

Uis for software-games-mobiles or whatever
Motion Graphics FXs and Video Montage
CD Covers - Illustrations - Card Design - Flyers - 3D - Sound Design - Music Production/Composition - Logos - Webpages and Backgrounds

and whatever alse

Please take a listen to my music too:

you can reach me at scottkane1 {@} gmailcom