Termite Bianca Steampunk - sketch - by ScarletGothica

Termite Bianca Steampunk - sketch -

by ScarletGothica in Digital

2011. Photoshop CS5 + Wacom Intuos 4. DETAILS.

No reference used apart from her left left hand (mine! :D)
This is my tribute to Termite Bianca. More infos on my blog

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  • Bend


    love the way you draw your sketches :D looks fantastic! Steampunk is so cool ;)
    PS : What do you think about Intuos4 and Intuos5 ? I just want to know if it's better now to have an Intuos5 than Intuos4

    Mar 14th, 2012 Reply
    • ScarletGothica


      thank you!
      I've been using a Intuos 4 for 3 years actually, but I've never tried a Intuos5 before, I can't tell you differences. In general, Intuos tablet are professional ones, if it's going to be your first tablet, I recommend a cheaper Bamboo.

      Mar 17th, 2012 Reply
    • Bend


      thanks :)) well actually I have a Graphire4 (yeah, so old!) and I wanted to have something new :) thanks for your opinion !

      Mar 18th, 2012 Reply
    • ScarletGothica


      :D the Graphire4 was my firts tablet too...surely if you campare it with the Intuos series, you'll see the huge difference about pen pressure and surface, the Intuos series is a professional one...and you can feel it!

      Mar 20th, 2012 Reply
    • Bend


      thanks so much :3 I'll see what I can do !

      Mar 22nd, 2012 Reply


    awesome hard sketch right there :DD

    Sep 18th, 2011 Reply