Art Director •

i make movie posters for a living; you've probably seen my work without realizing it.

stuff i dig:
• fire dance
• shibari
• making perfume
• making incense
• go
• mycology
• airsoft
• partying/festivals/burning man
• playing guitar
• making bulleted lists
• you

titus, the holy mountain, perfume, valmont, dangerous liasions, irreversible, requiem for a dream, sid & nancy, dancer in the dark, dark crystal, resident evil, the city of lost children, the cabinet of dr. caligari, anything by jan svankmajer (conspirators of pleasure, alice) or the brothers quay, the secret adventures of tom thumb, the short films of david lynch, moulin rouge, battle royale, spun, amelie, naked lunch, brazil, fantastic planet, wizards, amadeus, the cremaster cycle (anything by matthew barney), elephant man, eraserhead, mulholland drive, lost highway, bad boy bubby, schizopolis, happiness of the katakuris, begotten, the asphyx, salome (1922)

books & authors:
aubrey beardsley, oscar wilde, franz kafka, jack vance, tanith lee, the brothers grimm, anthony burgess, herman hesse, hunter s. thompson, william s. burroughs, hubert selby jr, mark danielewski, chuck palahniuk, robert anton wilson, carl sagan, hakim bey, kenneth anger, timothy leary, aleister crowley, israel regardie; i subscribe to flaunt, coilhouse, bizarre and juxtapoz magazines, which i never have the time to read but look good on my coffee table.

nine inch nails, rasputina, my brightest diamond, covenant, download, µ-ziq, coil, autechre, squarepusher, and one, ohgr, orgy, daft punk, mr. bungle, cocorosie, nouvelle vague, mindless self indulgence, haujobb, sneaker pimps, mono, massive attack, placebo, bjork, calla, moloko, portishead, cibo matto, gary numan, digitalism, valerie, minitel rose, miss kittin, four tet, clinic, franz ferdinand, the faint, the killers, css, ratatat, goose, kavinsky, chromeo, boys noize, simian mobile disco, sebastiAn, late of the pier, friendly fires, justice, MSTRKRFT, add n to x, bassnectar, bat for lashes, beats antique, beck, cold war kids, crookers, deadmau5, deerhoof, proxy, trash fashion

wondershowzen, aeon flux, fraggle rock