LiliMarlene by RustIronCrowe


by RustIronCrowe in 3D and composite

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  • Deathrockluv


    Hey wolf is this like a call girl in war times? and can you translate for me what the kitty and the bear are saying in the poster. Other than that i like the picture and the use of camo.

    Feb 16th, 2011 Reply
    • RustIronCrowe


      The title "Lili Marlene" was inspired by an old song of the same name, which describes the touching romance of a soldier and a... yeh.

      The top sign says "Warning: Attack Cat!"

      The lower one is a notice from one "Problem-Bear" (meaning basically troubled bear or dangerous bear) and some mention of zebra-stripes and school-zones... I forget where I swiped that sign from but I think it was on a broadside somewhere in Berlin.

      Feb 16th, 2011 Reply