blinded by Rua


by Rua in illustrations

for VXV assignment #1...

so this is very far version from my old sketch ( ) because my ways of making drawings changed a lot...i put a monster octopus head above the girl for the viewer to know where the eyes and tentacles came from... i choose orange for the octopus for it to have a not so usual color... this colors are inspired from KDLIG's works...

when i did the sketch long ago i was thinking of people who let other see for them and move for them or like someone has been controlling them on what to do and what to see in the media or in the society that is why i put a tentacle around her neck like holding her back from escaping the blindness and so the eyes for what is seen but not what you really need to see... not so cool description anyway XD

hmmmmm i love monsters hahahahaha

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