Baris Tunggal Dance by Royal4rtz

Baris Tunggal Dance

by Royal4rtz in Vector Arts

Baris in its many forms, is a traditional war dance of Bali to dedicate warriors and their weapons during a temple feast. The dancer may bear a kris, spear, bow, or other weapons, depending on the variant performed. Baris literally means line or file, referring to the line of soldiers who served the rajas or rulers of Bali.

It is usually danced by paired groups of men. Dramatic Baris performed by a single dancer evolved from other types of Baris into the role of the solo Baris dancer representing a demi-god and being cast in a heroic mould. Baris Tunggal depicts the feelings of a young warrior prior to battle, glorifying the man-hood of the triumphant Balinese warrior and displaying the sublimity of his commanding presence.

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