Photographer •

Marsala, Italy

Iconologia, matter, sexiness, movement. If trace an ideal line that joins these concepts can be had an idea of the style which got ahead from Roberto Di Girolamo.Studia Photography in one of the more renowned schools to European level the John Kaverdash of Milan. It collaborates with great international photographers following and collaborating to numerous photographic workshops. It focusses the accumulated experiences concentrating itself on a photography where the light is refined reference of the harmony of the body. A discreet sexiness, never snoops about and shouted. Its to look the sinuosity of the body concentrated on the gesture and the perception of the movement, on the expressiveness of a look that gives voice to the subject, tells something of he, he identifies it and he frees it from superficiality. A veiled erotica made of emotions and atmospheres that play, speak and not places move between places and, between times and not times, to the perennial search of the unrepeatable gesture and resolver.