Pete Tynan - A.K.A. Imagician. by RobertBalmer

Pete Tynan - A.K.A. Imagician.

by RobertBalmer in People

This was our first time out shooting at night so I began by working out the settings to take the background before Pete took position. Pete was really dark in the original shot so I used a flash fitted with a snood off to the right of camera, this worked well to illuminate his face but the harsh light of the flash just looked wrong. Finally I popped a sun 1/2 CTO jell in front of the flash to mimic the background lighting and this is the result.

Not bad for my first attempt at night shooting, lol ;)

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  • JWRedline


    You did great with the flash for your fist time. Only thing I would have changed was to move him over from the sign so that it doesn't look as if it was growing out of his head. Otherwise great shot.

    Apr 9th, 2011 Reply
    • RobertBalmer


      Thanks and yes, I think if I'd shot from a lower angle he could have taken a step forward and we'd have lost the sign.

      Apr 10th, 2011 Reply