A Good Year! by RobertBalmer

A Good Year!

by RobertBalmer in Objects

I always try to get everything in the shot, the less I have to do to the image afterwards the better as far as I'm concerned (or is that just 'cos I'm rubbish with PS, lol).
This is part of an experiment with light and reflections.

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  • Submitted:Mar 19th, 2011
  • Resolution:4130x2748
  • Date Created:Dec 31st, 1969
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  • Camera:XMP Core 5
  • Exposure:2017088357/1919508844
  • Aperture:f/0.8
  • Focal Length:1.48641890241mm
  • ISO Speed:200
  • Software:Wingnut Lo-Fi
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  • BenJ


    great work because I especially like lighting and reflection! :)

    Mar 20th, 2011 Reply
    • RobertBalmer


      Thanks BenJ, I originally tried to use a white background but it just looked too sterile, the colours seemed muted.

      Mar 20th, 2011 Reply