Stamp Icon Tutorial by Rinn

Stamp Icon Tutorial

by Rinn in Tutorials

Step 1: Start off by creating this stamp object by using the Stamp 1 shape with your Custom Shape Tool.

Step 2: Add these Layer Styles to your Stamp shape:

Step 3: Your stamp icon should now look like this:

Step 4: Choose an image you want to have on your stamp, and place it on top of the stamp object. I chose to use 7Shadows' wallpaper for this stamp:

Step 5: Add a Stroke Layer Style to the image:

Step 6: Using the Custom Shape Tool, create a 'Circle Thin Frame' shape on the bottom left of the stamp:

Step 7: Using the Custom Shape Tool again, draw a 'World' shape and center it inside the shape you made in step 6

Step 8: Draw a Line shape set at 3px like the image below:

Step 9: Hold down CTRL on your keyboard, and the transform box will appear around the shape. Right click on the line and select 'Warp'. Adjust the Warp points so that they resemble the image below:

Step 10: Duplicate the warped line four times and arrange them like this:

Step 12: Group all the object together and put them into a Layer Set or Group (depending on which version of Photoshop you're running). With the grouped layers selected, hold down the CTRL button and move the bottom right transform box to the left:

And here's the finished icon:

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