Pan Seared Tuna and Wasabi Mayo by Rinn

Pan Seared Tuna and Wasabi Mayo

by Rinn in Foodie Blog

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  • HellOnAStick


    i dont think i have ever seen pan seared tuna that was this well 'seared' with a cold center. I am a huge fan of sushi grade tuna and eat it whenever i can. I'm going to go eat something now. lol

    Apr 28th, 2011 Reply
  • 7Shadows


    OMG this looks so good. I would eat this everyday and I'd live a hundred years. Actually not, only if it's salmon. Tuna can contain a good amount of mercury since they're big fishes.

    Dec 31st, 2010 Reply
    • Rinn


      lol I won't cook this again for a long time. I might as well have ordered this in a restaurant because sushi grade tuna is so expensive >_<

      Dec 31st, 2010 Reply
    • Sophie


      i thought tuna contains no fat though!


      Dec 31st, 2010 Reply
    • 7Shadows


      fish contains a lot of fish oil, which is high in omega3. You need a ratio of 4 omega6 to 1 omega3 to be in the good range. Unfortunately, most people are in the 20-30:1. :(

      Dec 31st, 2010 Reply