How To Make A Folder Icon by Rinn

How To Make A Folder Icon

by Rinn in Tutorials

This is a little tutorial on how to make folder icons

1. In a new document, make a rectangle and add Anchor Points to create a tab like in the image below:

2. Next, add a Layer Style to the folder shape:

3. Your folder should look like this:

4. Next, create a new layer and select the top half of the folder using the Rectangle Marquee tool. Then, fill the selection with a white gradient so that the folder looks like this:

5. Create another new layer. Hold down ctrl and click on the folder shape, which will create a selection around the object. Go to Edit>Stroke, and use these settings:

6. Set the layer opacity of the stroke to 37%. Your icon should look something like this:

7. Create a slightly smaller rectangle and place it behind the folder. Put the same Layer Style used in step 2:

8. Hold down the ctrl button, and shift the rectangle to the right:

9. No you have completed the basic folder icon.

10. I personally like to rotate the icon a bit:

11. Now you can add additional little graphics to your folder icon. I added the old Shadowness logo:

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