3D Spline Projection Tutorial by Rinn

3D Spline Projection Tutorial

by Rinn in Tutorials

This tutorial will take you through the easy and handy process of spline projection in Cinema 4D:

1. Go to Object>Spline Primitive>Text, and type the desired text. Here's what it would look like afterwards:

2. Next, go to Objects>Primitive>Sphere and make a big sphere a bit larger than the width of the text. Then, move the text so that it's placed in front of the sphere like the image below:

3. Make the text object editable by pressing "C" on your keyboard. Next, go into point mode (look at image below if you're confused), and press CTRL+a to select all the points.

4. Left click on the spline, and click on the Project option:

5. In the Project Options menu, hit Apply:

6. The model should now look something like this:

7. Go to Objects>NURBS>Extrude Nurbs and place the spline beneath the Nurbs and change the settings to the image below:

And you're done! Your image should look something like this:

Feel free to ask me if you have any questions about this tutorial :)

Spline Projection Tutorial

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