Fresh Air by Rheazblaze

Fresh Air

by Rheazblaze in Road Trip 2011

Imagine the scene: Montana. Me, in my Honda Civic, dirty from 44 days on the road, complete with NY license plates. I pull off onto the side of the road, where it's slightly muddy from isolated rain showers that have occurred all day. I whip out my cell phone to call the hotel ahead to make sure I have a room booked for the night. Windows are rolled down since it's, at current, not raining. My hotel is, in fact, booked, they tell me so I hang up the phone and look up. To my left, right outside my window, is a horse and rider. Complete picture of a dusty cowboy with THIS as a backdrop.

"Did ya break down?" he asks. Polite, willing to help the poor girl from NY in the middle of nowhere, Montana. "No," I answer, "but thanks for stopping to ask." He tips his hat, gives me a small smile and bids me a good day. In retrospect, at the time, I should have pulled wires out from under my feet and sliced them apart. :D He would have provided some tales for later, I set my watch and warrant on it.

This is a tribute to you, nice Montana cowboy man. Thanks for being nice and doing the right thing by stopping. It's more than I can say anyone around these parts would ever do. 2011-2013.

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