Distant Mt. Rushmore by Rheazblaze

Distant Mt. Rushmore

by Rheazblaze in Road Trip 2011

So, Mt. Rushmore can actually be viewed from the road leading up to the entrance to the park. This is not that particular view, but it's something to note if you just want to see the monument and head away. I do recommend, however, paying the measly fee to get into the park and do a little walk around since it brings you to the base of that giant rubble pile.

Visited on day 48 of my road trip, this was one of the few attractions I wanted to see that wasn't naturally formed. Not exactly my cup of tea and not something I would write home about. Mainly, it was because it conveniently rested along the path home. ...And because of Abe. He's my hero. :D 2011-2012

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