Versius   Among tempters by Renacido

Versius Among tempters

by Renacido in Illustrations

So this beast is finished, it looks nothing like what it started as. I couldn't decided whether I wanted to paint it, lineart it nice and pretty, or try to replicate what I have in mind specifically for this culture's mythology. I decided to try and replicate how he would be portrayed. Anyway, there's a lot of symbolism going on in the piece.

NOW THAT IT'S 5 AM, I think I'll try to get some shut-eye, maybe.
There was gonna be a speed paint with this until my screen-recorder decided to NOT SAVE and crash at the last moment.

In Chiranjivian mythology, Versius was a fool, an oblong fellow, but one day the royal court has no one to turn to, so they were forced to ask him for a favor. An errand of sorts-- however, he's tricked into stepping foot into a labyrinth. The labyrinth of tempters, supposedly a treasure, the fountain of wisdom lays at the end of this labyrinth. In order of desire, the nine tempters will appear one by one, if their test is passed, then whoever has entered their maze can move on. However, even the first several tempters pitied this honest fool, they let him pass. Until he got to the last two did Versius really have to truly put up a fight. The last two tempters were the tempter of riches, and the tempter of knowledge. However, in his foolishness, Versius plowed past the temptation of riches and tied a blindfold around his head. He knew that he would succumb to the temptation of knowledge without help from the blindfold. He thrust the last tempter aside and proceeded through the rest of the maze where he found the fountain of wisdom. The fool became wise.

SAI, Photoshop, default brush. Textures are from

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