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Pleasant Hill, OR, United States

I'm 23 and I'm an amature photographer who enjoys photographing and sharing the beauty that surrounds us everyday. I was born in Portland Oregon. I lived most of my life on the Washington and Oregon side by the Columbia Gorge, a few years in Pleasant Hill Oregon were i live now and a year in Pennsylvania. I had a bad childhood when i lived with my mother till i was 9 years old and lots of other bad things have happened to me in my life. But that's what has made me who i am today. I got in to photography when i was about 14 - 15 years old. I saw that photography helped me show the way i felt and made me forget all the bad and pain that has and was going on in my life; somethings just never go away. I like how photography helps me show people what i think is beautiful threw my eyes. My friends and family say i have a good eye for photography and a loving heart when it comes to my writing Which is really nice to know they have my back. I don't steal other peoples work that's just wrong everything you see on my gallery i photographed myself. I don't like when other's steal my work or say i do when they know its my photographs or writing they have stolen from me. In my eyes stealing other peoples photographs or other work just shows your not a true photographer and you don't have any respect for other's; Lying doesnt get you any where. I love nature, i like taking photos in the natural lighting and of whatever catches my eye. I hope everyone likes and enjoys my photography.

Model:COOLPIX S8100
Just so you all know I do upload my photogaphy pictures sometimes with my iphone.

I have three websites I show my photography on this link I don't sell to much on but I get a lot of feedback and I enjoy this site very much I also show some of my Self-Portraits and journals on there. http://ranae190.deviantart.com/#/d4zzkka

Snapped for you is a nice site i enjoy showing my photographs on there and its easy to use. I like how ever photo you want is only $4 a print. So if you like any of my photographs thats a good site to buy from me. http://snapped4u.com/galleries/1395

I also have a Facebook photography page so go like my page! :) http://m.facebook.com/RanaeCrowleysPhotography