Digital Artist

, UK

Horror- fantasy artist RL Hodge was born on March 10th, 1966 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Today, he makes his home and studio in a land far, far away with his wife Ann and their one eared cat, Mr. Kitty. Though he did study fine art for two years at the Art Institute of Cincinnati, he also considers himself largely a self-taught artist. He now crafts his original works of art with a mixed media technique involving digital and traditional styles. His earlier works were done with pencils, watercolor and ink.

RL began his art career in 1993 doing comic book and T-Shirt art. Much to his surprise, the interest in his Horror - fantasy art seemed to increase very quickly once he showcased his art in a local comic shop, so he went on to expand to conventions and the web. Several well know artists (Tim Bradstreet, David Mack, and Jeff Smith) have enjoyed his work and convinced him to take a more serious outlook at the world of art. "To make your mark you have to get your stuff out there in your own way, your own style..." - David Mack of Kabuki fame.

He is perhaps most known for his ability to capture the haunting and often mysterious beauty of scenes totally opposite of reality. Each of his visions brought to life on the digital canvas have a personality of their own, and often evoke strong feelings in those who view them. Some of his characters are elegant, soft and full of splendor, while others are defiant, dark and deadly.

When asked about the path he chose to follow with his art, RL Hodge had this to say...

"I didn't choose to paint images of dark fantasy for my art career. It honestly never seemed like a choice, more like I was destined. From the time I was a young boy, I fell in love with the Universal monster movies, Creepy and Eerie magazines, and fantasy art, especially art centered around the things that go bump in the dark. I am inspired by many things...books, movies, music, and my nightmares. I hope that my artwork serves to remind others of the darkness that surrounds us and lives within us always." - RL Hodge