SilkScreen Tutorial by QuakerNinja

SilkScreen Tutorial

by QuakerNinja in Tutorials

Fun with pattern making yay. Trying to make one of those fancy silk screen things.
Forgot I had made a tutorial about this stuff. This uses a different design then the one shown, but the method is the same. The only thing I did differently in this one was add a drop shadow to the line work at the end.

Almost instant pattern brush goodness.

step 1: make some gapless line work in illy with the artistic, calligraphic brushes set to pressure, double tap for setting feel me. + use the blob brush yo.

Step 2: pathfinder merge that stuff.

Step 3. put down a rectangle of solid white color under the lines, merge again. ungroup, and delete your extras.

Step 4. pick your black (y) for magic wand, and lock it down command number2

Step 5. use shift click to select the pieces you want to color and with them still selected change the color from the pulldown at the top or the swatches yo.

Step 6. unlock it all and group it.

Step 7. additive liberty live reflect x and live reflect y make a few copies

Step 8. (e) eraser tool hold option for a straight cut, trim to you're liking.

Step 9 object/ expand appearance.

Step 10. make it a square using the width and length box at the top, it's ok if it gets skewed a little just round to the nearest whatever make it a square mmmkay

Step 12 reduce opacity and change to multiply, copy and flip it 90 degrees, use align to selected objects and center it.

Step 13 Drag and drop it in your swatches panel

Step 14 pick your blob brush and from the pull down where the stroke is, pick your new pattern

Step 15 doodle and enjoy. cheers.

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