Page 31 Empty Planet. by QuakerNinja

Page 31 Empty Planet.

by QuakerNinja in Limited Edition Sketchbook

You might have heard the term "Happy Accident" before.
That's what happend here. The theme of the book is thread and surface, I interpreted thread to mean connections and surface to mean textures.

So I had primed the last 2 pages of the book with Dr. Ph Martin's Bleed proof white. What I thought was going to happen was that it would have properties more akin to gesso, and give the ink on top a street art stencil look.
While I waited for the page to dry I began scouring for some documentaries where I came across The mega flyover project,
The premise was to get an arial view of africa to see what the effect of humans has been on the environment...

Back to the book, so What actually happen was some unexpected science. It turns out that when black india ink is put on top of Dr. Ph Martins bleed proof white, the ink crackles and peels, leaving a dry flakey powdered mess.
This destroyed the sketch but looked cool so I scanned it anyway.
Upon closer inspection I thought it looked simular to an arial flyover view of an artic kind of terrain.
So I recorded a few clips of me just scrolling the scanned page.
I imagined what it will look like to fly over our empty planet in the future when all the life is gone.

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