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Newberg, United States

Hello I'm Newman, I live in Oregon, I have been a freelance tee shirt designer for four years now. I have a BFA in Fine Art from the University of Hawaii where I studied Polynesian art history. I love travel, and culture, and cheesecakes. I would like to thank the mods, staff, and most of all the members for making shadowness what it is. You make this a great community.

Tools: Tools: My 27in iMac, Wacom Cintiq 12WX, A drawer full of assorted pens, and markers. My favorite Series 22. Pure Kolinsky Designer. Size: 3 inking brush, Adobe Illustrator cs5, and Photoshop. My newest toy is the Cinemin Swivel pico projector I have been using for photo enlargement to make some larger scale work.
I have a long list of items I drool over and hope to add to the list soon.

Contact: Email: Quakerninja@hotmail.com