Digital Artist • http://underlanddigital.deviantart.com/

Lisbon, Portugal

I began my amazing journey through digital art and photo-manipulation in 2011 and have been discovering and developing new skills and ideas. I'm a self-taught artist and an imaginative and creative person. I'm also a fantasy lover (from disney styled fairytales to deep and dark creatures) and that's what I like to portray in my art.

As an avid reader I'm slowly finding my way into book cover art and met some great and very interesting people (both authors and artists) willing to believe in my work and I do my best to do them justice and share their visions.

I am inspired by music and words and never wish them to be apart.
All in all, my works reflect a personal view on reality and the imaginerium in all of us.

Contact me here: potionmasterarts@gmail.com