Spartacus Blood and Sand. by Portero

Spartacus Blood and Sand.

by Portero in Fantasy Movie & TV Gallery

I am a big fan of this great TV show. This is my own poster design in support of it.
Please also see the Official website @

This artwork can also be found on my Knight Dragon website page under
Fantasy Movies @
I do put the odd TV show in but not much.

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You may download for free and upload with direct links back to my main website and add my name David George Porter as the creator. You may not crop my artwork or remove my name from this picture.

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Thank you.

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  • JurgenDoe


    I love this series .. very nicely done

    Jan 19th, 2013 Reply Subscriber
    • Portero


      Thank you Juargen. :) The power of the emotion in that series is very strong. I wanted to show it on the video link also. Add music to a picture and it brings more life to the emotion within the picture. I try to show that on most of them if I can. I am happy you like this also :)

      Jan 19th, 2013 Reply
    • JurgenDoe


      You're welcome and yes the power of music adds always more to a picture :)

      Jan 19th, 2013 Reply Subscriber