Prometheus (Fan Art) by Portero

Prometheus (Fan Art)

by Portero in Sci-fi & Other Mix Movie Gallery

Prometheus. I am a big fan of this movie and I did show it with an outstanding video on YouTube at one point that I spent 16 hours to create for them as a free promotion. However I used my own take on the music within the video that was not part of the Official movie and thus it had a world wide ban put upon it. It may well have got that in any case. You would have loved it. I have no video artwork for this any longer after a long hard fight with FOX and others over copyrights. Sorry about that :/ Link is below..

Stocks used were a mix from my own PC screenshots from the first movie,
and all others are from the links below

1) Prometheus 2 movie site

2) Official facebook page

In my art video below. Please see video information on this one!
(Void video)

Visit my other art site.

You may download for free and upload with direct links back to my website and add my name David George Porter as the creator. You may not crop my artwork or remove my name from this picture.

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Thank you.

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