The Portero Concept

by Portero

The Portero Concept was an idea I came up with as a psudo form of angel that was out to do some good for others. I found however that the website I created for this concept had too many things about it that were not working out, as it was hard to use it for my promotions and at the same time being used in the name of my late niece Maite who the site was and concept was set up for. So I went back to my other sites Knight Dragon and Wolftooth Promotion. Please note that the web address you may see on any of my works with the URL @ www.portero.yolasite.com is now void as of 19/10/2014. All pictures within this album are for view only. Please do not copy any of them, or upload them to any other page or website. © David George Porter Thank you.