Pirates of the Caribbean OST 1 by Portero

Pirates of the Caribbean OST 1

by Portero in Fantasy Movie & TV Gallery

Picture 1) Pirates of the Caribbean OST. Fan Art. 2011

This is my poster for the movie On Stranger Tides. This is not Official however and was done as a free promotion to the film because I like it. Pictures used are from the Disney movie posters and made into my own fan poster to help promote the film.
Please visit the Official website link below for more.
@ http://www.disney.co.uk/pirates-of-the-caribbean/index.jsp

Picture 2 can be found on this link.
@ http://shadowness.com/Portero/pirates-of-the-caribbean-ost-2

This artwork can also be found on my Knight Dragon website sub page under
Fantasy Movies @ http://davidggeorgeporter.wix.com/knight-dragon-potc

Also in my art video on this link.
@ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-56YhmAVKM
(Music by Cinematique Sound Design)

Visit my other art site
@ http://davidgeorgeportero.deviantart.com/

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