My Fantasy Artwork Gallery.

by Portero

I use many pictures from the internet to create my artwork, some are my very own and others I use parts of other peoples artwork to create them. All of the concept ideas are my own however and copyright to me. I try to find stock photos and add links if I am able, however sometimes I forget to add them. If you ever see any of my pictures and know the Artist that part of the picture may be from, please let me know so I can add the right information to them. Please be sure to link back to my main website should you upload any pictures you see on any of my websites. FAV BEFORE you download! Thank you. You may download most for free and upload with direct links back to my main website and add my name David George Portero as the creator. You may not crop my artwork or remove my name from pictures. Please note that ALL of my fantasy works are copyright to me and they are gifts given. Some are not free within this album however, so please read information on pictures you may see. Thank you.